About ruralphotos.com

Ruralphotos.com is owned and operated by Leonie Scarlett, who has long specialised in rural and agricultural photography.

Through previous experience working in the stock photo industry Leonie realised that there was a demand for more authentic and detailed rural and agricultural photography. Given her long-standing connection with the land, her passion for its people and love of photography, Leonie saw she had the ideal qualifications to set up a specialist library that would meet this need.

The ruralphotos.com Philosophy

Ruralphotos.com is an ever growing library of agricultural images. The aim is to create a collection of photographs that details life on the land, from specific breeds of animals and plants and specialised farming practices to general agricultural landscapes.

But it is the photographs of people that form the backbone of the ruralphotos.com library. Drawing from her passion for photographing people who are simply "being themselves" Leonie is building a library of rural faces that is widely recoginised for it's remarkable authenticity.

Every person, every family Leonie photographs lives, works and breathes agricultural life. It's this genuine rural spirit that makes Leonie's pictures so special.

Talent payments and rights control

The other critical element in creating great people pictures is trust and integrity, a philosophy that underpins the way in which Ruralphotos.com works, both with its clients and subjects.

As a result all subjects agree to be photographed with the knowledge that they will receive a fee based on the value of sales. Subjects are also contacted before any sale agreement is signed with a ruralphotos.com client, to confirm they are happy to be associated with the publishing or advertising project in question. As a result, ruralphotos.com is structured strictly as a rights managed library. 


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